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Counter/Floor Display

Nerds, SweeTarts Ropes Sharepack Counter Unit
48 Piece Counter Display Includes:
12 - SweeTarts Cherry Punch Rope
12 - SweeTarts Ropes Twist Rainbow
12 - Nerds Gummy Clusters Very Berry
12 - Nerds Clusters Share Pack

Customer will receive $7.00 off invoice

Approx. delivery date Mid/ Late December

Nerds, SweeTarts Ropes Sharepack Floor Display
72 Piece Floor Display Includes

27 - Nerds Gummy Clusters 5 oz
18 - Nerds Very Berry Gummy Clusters 5 oz
18 - SweeTarts Gummy Fruity Splitz 5 oz
9 - SweeTarts Mini Chewy Mixed Fruit 6 oz

Customer will receive $10.00 off invoice

Hostess Single Serve MVP Floor Shipper
90 count Floor Display Includes: 

10 - Frosted Donettes, Powered Donettes,
Crunch Donettes and Double Chocolate Donettes

6 - Twinkies, Chocolate CupCake, Chocolate Zingers,
Vanilla Zingers,Chocolate Ding Dongs,
Jumbo Glazed Honeybun and Jumbo Iced Honeybun

8 - Coffee Cake

Customer will receive $12.00 off invoice

Voortman MEGA Wafer Counter Unit
18 count Counter Unit Includes:

9 - Vanilla Wafer 
9 - Strawberry Wafer

Customer will receive $5.00 off invoice



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